Products and Services

SLGFA offers the following products and services to help meet your needs:

Application Processing
Default Prevention
Disbursement Services
Lender Loan Volume Reports
National Student Clearinghouse
Training Opportunities
Publications and Brochures
Lender Lists

Application Processing Top
SLGFA loan application processing provides a fast and efficient service to schools and lenders. SLGFA supports an array of processing methods, including:
Those desiring more information about any of the loan delivery products currently being used or considered should contact the SLGFA School and Lender Services Department.

Default Prevention Top
Our website features a number of default prevention tools and tips to aid borrowers in understanding and managing their student loans. Find out how SLGFA can assist you in your default prevention efforts.

E-Reports Top
SLGFA's Electronic Reports Distribution System is a secure online service that SLGFA provides (in partnership with IMSPRO) to our clients. This service allows multiple recipients to receive, view, and download reports and data.

Lenders and Servicers: Schools:
  • Pending Disbursement Report
  • PLUS Credit Denial Packets
  • PLUS Credit Denial Lender Letters
  • Guaranteed Federal Consolidation Application
  • Notice of Loan Guarantee
  • Released Disbursement Listing by Lender/School
  • Disbursement Acknowledgement File Reconciliation by Servicer
  • Lender Check Register
  • Lender Check Register Combined Servicer Report
  • Weekly Cancellation Reports
  • Guarantee Fee Refund Log
  • Monthly Borrower Listing by School or Lender
  • Monthly Borrower Listing by School, Lender, or Combined Servicer
  • Weekly Lender Cancellation Report
  • Weekly Servicer by Lender Cancellation Report
  • Early and Late Stage Delinquency List Report
  • Early and Late Stage Delinquency Borrower Letters
  • School Electronic Funds Transfer Register
  • Auto Debit Confirmation


For more information about the reports above or if you would like to register for E-Reports or sign-up for additional reports, please contact Lender Funds Department Manager Melissa Jones, 800-622-3446, ext. 612.

E-Updates Top
E-Updates is an electronic newsletter offered by SLGFA as a free service in order to provide program information to schools in the Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP). Sign up for E-Updates and stay updated on new SLGFA products and services and important regulation changes.

Disbursement Services Top
SLGFA's Lender Funds Department expedites the delivery of loan proceeds to schools and students. While utilizing a host of services, including Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), hold/release, and auto debit.

Lender Loan Volume Reports Top
SLGFA provides downloadable monthly lender loan volume reports that show guarantee loan volume by month and year.

National Student Clearinghouse Top
The National Student Clearinghouse is the first national repository for borrower enrollment status information that represents schools, guarantors, lenders, servicers, and secondary markets. The goal of the Clearinghouse is to standardize, simplify, and automate the student status verification and deferment process.

Training Opportunities Top
SLGFA offers a variety of training opportunities for Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) participants.

Upon request, SLGFA also provides specialized training on particular student loan topics or subject matters of interest to program participants. SLGFA program participants may request training by contacting Training and Technical Assistance Department Manager Rita Toland, 800-622-3446, ext. 636.

SLGFA also hosts an annual conference filled with workshops on such topics as E-Reports, federal regulations, loan processing, default prevention, and more.

FFELP Forms Top
SLGFA provides schools with important FFELP forms to assist with streamlining processes. These forms are available for download.

Publications and Brochures Top
Schools can order informational brochures and publications for display in financial aid offices. SLGFA publishes brochures on default prevention and Stafford and PLUS loans. SLGFA also provides schools with entrance and exit counseling materials consistent with federal regulations requirements.

Lender Lists Top
SLGFA provides a participating lender list and a deactivated and reactivated lender list.

The participating lender list includes the lender code, telephone number, and servicer and whether the lender is SLGFA disbursed as well as additional lending criteria required.

SLGFA offers the deactivated and reactivated lender list to assist schools in keeping abreast of the current activities surrounding the student loan industry. The spreadsheet lists the lender name, lender code, and the date they were deactivated from or reactivated to our guarantor system.