Managing Debt and Avoiding Default


Don't be overwhelmed by debt. Know all that you owe by logging onto to review your loan history. You may have loans that are being serviced by more than one lender/servicer. NSLDS will provide you with the name and contact information for your lender/servicer. If you are having difficulty making your payments, contact your lender/servicer immediately. Request information about:

Use this Loan Repayment Calculator to help you determine which repayment option best fits your budget.

Still have questions? View the Frequently Asked Questions page or contact DANA* via email or phone at 800-622-3446, ext. 655.

Schools, Lenders, and Servicers

SLGFA's Default Prevention Department provides assistance by making phone calls, communicating via e-mail and fax, and sending letters to borrowers, co-signers, and references in an attempt to resolve the delinquent account.

In order to prevent defaults, SLGFA offers a number of default prevention initiatives to assist borrowers in understanding and managing their student loans. 

*DANA is Default Assistance Now Available, a service provided by SLGFA's Default Prevention Department